• Up to +15% MPG1
  • 1 tune
  • 2 Years


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How does it work?

RSECO has been designed to tune your ECU to produce serious gains in fuel efficiency with no loss of power.

RSECO is dynamic - which means the it will consider oxygen levels in the exhaust, along with engine speed and load, intake air temperature and volume, and many other variables to determine the most efficient fuel delivery rate and timing at up to 256 separate load points.

RSECO is a vehicle specific, custom programmed 20MHz Microcontroller. It utilizes its high speed serial input/output to communicate directly with the ECU through the OBD-II port.

Recommended modifications :
- K&N or equivalent non-restrictive intake

RSECO is compatible with factory equipped Turbo/Superchargers, Flex-Fuel, & HHO supplement systems.

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Fuel saving tips

People all around the world are constantly trying to reduce fuel consumption of their cars. We have even created hybrid engines and e-cars, which don’t need fuel at all. But what should others do? Here’re some tips for beginning fuel-savers, which can help you make the car consume less:

  • Check your engine

    Regular maintenance of the car is a must for all drivers. Make sure you use the proper oil for your engine – different car manufacturers recommend different types of oil. Accurate choice can help your car work more efficiently and reduce fuel-consumption.

  • Wheel-service

    Don’t forget to check the wheels regularly! Different tires pressure can lead to higher fuel consumption & even accidents on the road.

  • Don’t exceed weight

    Driving with fully loaded back seats, trunk and roof-rack isn’t good for any vehicle. Especially, when you exceed the weight-limit for your car. Such a habit might come in handy in long journeys, but the more you carry, the more fuel your car needs.

  • Make a trip plan

    Do you often get into rush-hours? Try avoiding that by driving in different time periods or using less crowded roads. Traffic jams are no good for your car, especially when we speak of fuel consumption (unless your vehicle is equipped with Start-Stop function).

  • Be like a taxi-driver

    Taxi-drivers all around the world use the following trick – they drive with the highest gear possible. Try going 60 kph on the 4th or 5th gear – you’ll feel the car wants higher rpm, but if you drive stable, fuel consumption will go down.

  • Avoid aggressive driving

    Are you fond of drag racing? Than forget about low fuel-consumption – the harder you accelerate, the more fuel your engine needs. Try driving slow & steady – the mpg number will reduce.

Does not void
your warranty
in the USA
OBD-II Plug&Play
Safe for
your engine
1Real world gains may be less or more depending on a large number of contributing factors.