Tune your car

Performance tuning

More power or gas saving
+20 more power and torque1
+15 more fuel saving1
Smartphone Controlled2

Fuel economy tuning

Save more fuel
with RSECO
+ 15 more fuel saving1
No loss of power

Introducing RSCHIP app

  • Download vehicle specific tunes to your RSCHIP
  • Select from 3 modes of driving: Sport Plus, Sport & Eco
  • Just unplug the device or select Stock mode to return your car to the factory settings
  • Fine-tune your performance with adjusting functionality feature
are compatible with
all popular
makes and models
Select your CHIP

1. Real world gains may be less or more depending on a large number of contributing factors.

2. Smartphone App is compatible only with RSCHIP. Not available for RSECO

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